Gone and done it…

So my quest this summer was to train for and run a half-marathon. Quite a silly undertaking my opinion, however I do love a challenge and need that date on the wall to motivate me. I have been looking for a race to run in for a while, looking at my travels to various areas around the country to run at sea level (or at least closer) and then contemplating running closer in Salt Lake City, which is still nearly 3,000 feet lower than where I live and below high altitude levels of 4,500 feet.

So I saw an email from Active.com, which is where I am tracking my training and they sent me a discount code for an inaugural run this fall call the Utah Marathon (and fittest State Festival).

The 20% off was a decent motivation, saving me $15 to which I will apply towards the purchase of a Road ID. I already have $15 coupon from my stellar finish of my fist 5k of the year (3rd out of 42).

This gives me 122 more days of training time, a few more races at shorter distances leading up to my half crazy effort this fall. I think I can handle the build up over the next 4 months and as long as I stage some other runs in the middle, I should be able to focus my attention on preparing properly, both physically and mentally.

The only down side is I already had a 5k scheduled for the following weekend where I was to see if I could do better at my Clydesdale class win and PR run of 26:09 at the SoJo Marathon. I hope my feet/legs are ok, as I still want to do that run as it has Chick-Fil-A at the finish line and who doesn’t love a breakfast sammy from there??? Plus with my win I got a free entry to run again.

Other goal

Ever do something you think was the right idea, then realize you are going to suffer? Well, that is what I did last week when I bought my wife the new book from Bob Harper (Biggest Loser) called “The Skinny Rules: The Simple, Nonnegotiable Principles for Getting to Thin”. Now we quickly found out we do 80% of these rules, which include not eating fried foods, eating at home, don’t drink your calories and about 16 others. It’s the 20% that will kill me, including Eat Your Veggies…

The only thing that is helping me is that I read a while back that “The loss of a single pound doesn’t mean much for a single mile, but the effect multiplies nicely. Ten pounds equals 20 seconds per mile, which grows to a minute-plus in a 5K, more than two minutes in a 10K, nearly 4.5 minutes in a half-marathon”

So if I can cut down 20 pounds in the next 4 months while training for this, we are looking at nearly 10 minutes less on my half time. If I can get a way to shorten my runs by 10 minutes, I am all for it. Veggies for me, however I would not want to be around me on the Meatless Days…I know I am not going to be a happy camper on those.

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One comment on “Gone and done it…

  1. Oct 13! Great. Good thing you are already doing hill training, the 1/2 profile looks like 3-4 slight uphill at the start, then rollers, then downhill. Congrats!

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